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March 21, 2012: Katz 360 Signs Agreement with Audience Partners


Katz 360 Signs Agreement with Audience Partners

Now Delivers Targeted Registered Voters Online for Political Advertisers
New York, NY and Washington, D.C. – March 21, 2012 – Katz 360, the digital sales arm of the Katz Media Group, today announced a new strategic agreement with online advertising platform company Audience Partners, and its subsidiary CampaignGrid, to deliver the most advanced micro-targeting abilities available to reach registered voters online.
Audience Partners provides the only platform that allows political campaigns and advocacy organizations to target registered voters through online display, video and mobile advertising. Through this new agreement, Katz 360 can provide sophisticated, micro-targeted online audiences that can be segmented based on ground-breaking specifics such as party affiliation, past voting history, congressional district, and other valuable key attributes.
“In this political cycle, advertisers and candidates are starting to appreciate the enormous value of targeting audiences online, which can capture incredibly effective results and near real-time, responsive flexibility,” said Brian Benedik, President of Katz 360. “Through our new agreement with Audience Partners, we have added a powerful platform to drive revenue and deliver valuable voters. We can offer a completely data-driven campaign, which is the most efficient use of advertising dollars to reach the exact segmented audience an advertiser or candidate wants.”
“This is a powerful complement to our Katz offline TV and radio sales efforts within the political ad community,” said Pat McGee, VP Political Sales and Strategy for Katz Radio Group. “Our collective ability at Katz to provide reach, scale and micro-targeting to candidates is unprecedented.”
Combining Audience Partners’ latest technology with Katz 360’s vast online presence across its aggregation of media websites, including the nation’s leading and most prestigious broadcasters and numerous newspaper publishers, will offer candidates and advertisers unprecedented capabilities to select the most efficient audiences for their ads resulting in minimal waste or ineffective exposure.
“We developed our platform because we saw the immense value of online targeting, and its ability to eliminate waste in political advertising for candidates and causes,” said Jeff Dittus, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Audience Partners. “2012 will see online political advertising reach record levels as candidates and advertisers look to target customized messaging to very specific audiences online.  We know that Katz 360, with its wide range of leading digital offerings, recognizes the value of targeted advertising and we are thrilled to be entering into this collaboration with them.”
Formed in 2008, Audience Partners has developed a unique audience targeting platform that utilizes its National Online Voter File of more than 187 million registered U.S. voters, as well as other unique data sets, to provide data-driven online advertising solutions. Audience Partners has powered billions of advertising impressions on behalf of over 400 campaigns, advocacy groups, nonprofits and commercial clients.
Katz 360 was created in 2008 to take advantage of the extraordinary growth of digital media. One year later, the Katz Online Network was launched, which consists of the majority of the industry’s terrestrial broadcast streams with most pure-play webcasters. As the largest Internet radio sales network in the country, the Katz Online Network offers advertisers unprecedented size and scale opportunities for customization. In addition to digital audio, Katz 360 also sells three additional digital platforms including mobile, database segmentation and display. These products have been built by aggregating the digital inventory of Katz Media Group’s radio and television publishers along with some of the largest publishers and technology providers on the web.
About Audience Partners:
Audience Partners is the market leader and innovator in providing data-driven online advertising targeting for candidates, causes and commercial clients. The company’s proprietary VoterGrid™ platform, and National Online Voter File, combines 187 million U.S. voter records with demographic, behavioral and lifestyle data, creating advertising solutions that marry the precision of direct mail with the efficiency and reach of online advertising. Founded in 2008, Audience Partners’ subsidiary CampaignGrid has served more than 400 political campaigns and causes. Audience Partners is located in Fort Washington, PA. CampaignGrid is located in Washington, DC. Additional information is available at and
About Katz Media Group:
Katz Media Group is the nation's leading full-service media sales and marketing firm serving the broadcasting industry and online community. A subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications, Katz Media Group is based in New York and has 19 regional offices. Founded in 1888, the company was the nation's first media representation firm and today represents nearly 4,000 radio stations and 700 television and digital multicast stations.  In addition, Katz represents more than 4,000 online publishers across audio, video, display email and mobile channels. Additional information can be found at              
Media Contacts:
Theresa Frasca
Katz Media Group                                             
(312) 755-3817                                                 
Jim DeLorenzo
Audience Partners
(215) 564-1122




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